About me

Hi! I am Dawid Pilarski. A C++ language passionate, that decided to start blogging about this language. Currently, I am a Senior Software Developer in TomTom working with navigation and automotive technologies.

Dawid Pilarski

I also managed to get into the Mensa society and I am a part of the C++ standard committee.

In my spare time, I am reviewing documents for the SC22 and browsing through the C++ draft looking for inspiration for new posts in my blog.

It happens, that I am doing some presentations for local (Poland, Łódź) C++ society and I am regularly (or trying to regularly) preparing some C++ presentations inside the company to spread the knowledge about the language.

I am available to hire. Mostly as a consultant or trainer, but you can also hire me as your employee (due to relocation issues, mostly remote jobs are preferred).

If you need to contact me for business or private reasons, you can do so by linkedin, although you might wait a day or two for the response 😉